Sunday, May 17, 2009

Schmoigerman Flu infection leads to Dutch Elm Disease...


An E-mail from the CDC (Center for Defraudment Control a/k/a Center for Double Coupons) has arrived with the subject above. We are attempting to decipher the scientific jargon used therein and will report more as soon as possible. 

What we do understand is that Mohammed Werczberger was the focal point of both the Schmoigerman Flu AND Dutch Elm Disease epidemics and that he just might face destruction and reincarnation under another name as far as benefits are concerned. Alternately, he may be registered as permanently disabled by the onslaught of both diseases so as to maximize his earnings potential, Creedmoor style.

Apparently the connection has to do with a large life insurance policy on the Werczberger family which is insured as having 19 siblings, of whom Mohammed is the middle child and of whom 11 are disabled R"L L"A nisht emmes gezigt. 

It also has to do with an organism which traveled via a paper airplane on which both Mohammed Werczberger and the Admou"r were passengers and which infected all aboard ever since Werczberger flew on it from Lee Avenue to Division Street, where it was picked up and mailed to Creedmoor. There, the unsuspecting Admou"r flew it to Iran and the epidemic really began.

Please keep saying Satanic verses. 

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