Monday, May 25, 2009

Schmoigerman's Bank Warns Him!


Remaining Anonymous to graham
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Dear Dr Ahmed:

I contacted my bank in Turkey to find out whether they can find the Red Security Company and I received the attached alarming letter in response. They have informed me that you are trying to ensnare me in the infamous 419 Advance Fee Scam!

Certainly this cannot be so! Certainly they are not mistaken, as I know that you are a completely spurious and decent businessman.

I have other bank accounts if need be but I really need to find that Red Security Company to be convinced that my bank is not correct.



Click here for the bank letter :). Needless to say, there is no Bank M. Gotkafa and Sons in Istanbul, no such street as Mathild Manukyan (the late queen of Istanbul's legal bordellos) Cadessi, even in Karakoy where her bordellos were located. Just in case you don't remember, Mehmet Ali Agca was the guy who shot Pope John Paul II :). And gey kock'n affn yam is not exactly the way even Agca would sign his name. The notary's name is also fabricated; it means procurer.

I will give this 24 hours to see if Ahmed responds. Regardless, my last letter to him will be where I reveal once and for all that I have been winding him up.

And then I will take a break from Creedmoor until after Shavuos so that I can get some work done!

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