Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Creedmoor Va'ad Sryfis haBinyan" to help construct Iranian nuclear reactor



The Admou"r's visit to Iran has resulted in a lucrative oil for arson deal in which the famous construction arm of the Creedmoorer community "Va'ad Sryfis haBinyan" will participate in the building of the nuclear reactor in Iran.

According to a press release from FARCE Islamic News Service of Iran:

"The Islamic 'A Pistachio Is Nowhere As Big As A Banana' Republic of Iran welcomes the participation of the official national building company of our fellow Anti-Zionist entity, the Independent Republic of Baseless Hatred of the Chassidim of Creedmoor, in our destructive nuclear energy program. We welcome the exalted Admou"r, the ruler of this great and esteemed entity, to Iran and are pleased to enter into an agreement with him and his national construction firm.

As the Admou"r is a world renowned expert in profitable destruction, who indeed shares the anti-Zionist and antihumanitarian aims of the Islamic regime in Iran, his construction firm is the ideal partner to help us achieve our aim of destroying the Zionist entity once and for all."

Apparently the Admou"r has taken out insurance policies on the entire country of Iran, the entire region, and all inhabitants thereof including 10000 phantom dependents for each family and single woman. As often occurs lately in these times of world crisis, the offices of international insurance firms are swamped by an overload of applications for life, property, fire and nuclear damage insurance, all originating from a single server in Iran.

Our board of Creedmoor analysts predicts an earth shattering phantom nuclear explosion, caused by acts of sabotage at the Iranian nuclear facility, and blamed on "the worldwide Zionist conspiracy". 
More to come regarding this colossal development scam later this week.

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