Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is there any limit to their stupidity? Graham Ahmed requests Schmoigerman's details and he responds...


graham ahmed to me
show details 9:39 AM (1 hour ago)


Attention: Dr David Schmoigerman,

How are you and your family? open the attachment fill the Details bellow to enable us proceed to the bank for the transfer of the fund, in the agreement you will see your Parentage as a fund manager,


Barrister Graham Ahmed.



Attached please find the details you requested. I will forward a copy of my passport later in the evening.

Our Ref: AXT21/05/09


Here are the details we needed from you to enable us processes the change of ownership to your name as the beneficiary of the fund.

1) Your full name: Dovid Azazel Schmoigerman
2) Occupation: Rabbi and Incendiary Services Contractor
3) Address: Creedmoor House, Creedmoor, Queens, Hertfordshire (UK) KT1 FU2
4) Date of birth: June 30, 1950
5) Nationality: (this Schmoigerman omitted; he hasn't decided which documents to send and will decide this when he sends his document).
6) Your Telephone number: +44 01344 773 111
7) The bank name where the fund will be transfer into Bank Gotkafa, (Istanbul, Turkey)

8) Account holder's name: Congregation Sinas Chinam of Creedmoor
9) Account number 8675309666
10) Swift Code... OR Route Number.: SWIFT: GOTK AFA1
11) A copy of your international passport or driver lincence (will be sent under separate cover).

Finally, you are hereby to be informing that this Institution or Agency will not be hold responsible for any delay that will cost by you from the transfer of the fund. To your bank account in your country.

Kindly send me all the above-mentioned details to enable us commence the transfer of the money and also us processes the change of the ownership of the fund to your name as the beneficiary of the fund.

In the agreement you will see your pesentage as a fund manager.

Barrister. Graham Ahmed.

To save everyone a little time:

1) Gotkafa is a Turkish word meaning one whose anatomy is rather unusual in that his head and buttocks are melded into a single unit (or, in medical terminology, a yukel ver hot zayn tuches in kop). Needless to say there is no Bank Gotkafa in Turkey.

2) The phone number Schmoigerman sent to Ahmed is that of Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, a respite home for the criminally insane in England.

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