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Mrs Arafat Responds: Schmoigerman Continues to Reply


suha arafat
date Wed, May 20, 2009 at 10:52 PM
subject Re: From Mrs Suha Arafat )Waiting for your urgent respond,You will also see my picture.
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Dear Rabbanit Arafat, may you live long and prosper many layers below sea level (as is said in the dialect of Kurdish Yiddish that I speak):

1) I am a member of the recognized anti-Zionist clergy and therefore am tax exempt. As this is clearly a humanitarian transaction to aid the widow of a great and reprehensible depraved and subhumanitarian as was your great husband Yassir who is tiff, tiff in der erd (in a very warm and pleasant part of the highest reaches of the heaven called Sheol Tachtis), I can legally transact your illusory funds with no need whatsoever for payment of tax to any government entitiy.

2) I would highly suggest that you invest in US Government Section 8 Bonds, which are backed by subsidized housing and only appreciate in value as the demand for such housing keeps rising thanks to my instructions to my many followers to live only in such dwellings as are financed by the Section 8 program.

3) I can purchase a house for you and your daughter to settle anywhere in the EU due to my clergyman status, which was granted to our family by the fourth Duke of Earl and re-established by Dukem Nukem before the fall of the Romanov dynasty during the French revolution. Our name of Schmoigerman is an ancient one and comes from the Old Slavonic Shoiteh, Menuval veGas Ruach, meaning the highest level of service to the Lord and the greatest opposition to the scourge of an honest day's work.

I look very forward to receiving a draft agreement from your attorney so that I may pass it on for perusal by several members of the feline species who live in my courtyard and are very well versed in legal matters.


Rabbi Dr David Schmoigerman, Grand Rabbi of the Disjointed Communities of Creedmoor.
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On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 8:21 PM, suha arafat wrote:

Hello My Dear Dr David Schmoigerman,

I thank you for your quick and kind respond Yes I am sure in your question, on assisting me toward the transaction of my fund to you in your country for safe keeping, However I have gone through your email over and over.

And the contents of your email are quite understood. My instinct tells me that you worth doing this transaction with me.

I assure you that we can do this transaction very successfully but you have to keep it very confidential for security reasons.

At the same time I already instruct my attorney to you first of all draft an agreement between both of us for the safe of my fund and he will direct you on the step of the transfer to avoid any mistake.

I will like to meet you face to face in your country after my fund get transfer to your personal or company Bank account in your country.

Please my dear, I only need you to assure me that you are not going to sit on top my fund when it get transfer to your Bank account.
Therefore, be kind to clarify the following for me:

1Can your account accommodate this fund in your local bank without government intervention or do you have an account outside your country where you may consider safe for this fund.

2. What is taxation in your country, as I desire a Low/free tax zone.

3. What other lucrative investments would you suggest us to invest the fund?

4. Can you be able to make residential documents and purchase a house for me and my only daughter to relocate and settle in your country?

Here is the contact details of my attorney to enable you contact him,feel free to contact him because i have paid him for his services,

Name: Dr. Graham Ahmed


Tel: +44-703 191 5963

Telefax+44703 18 5 5165

Waiting for your urgent respond,You will also see my picture.
Best Regards,
Hajia.Suha Arafat.

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