Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schmoigerman has rachmunes and sends his driver's licence...


Remaining Anonymous to graham
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I realize that the document which I had sent earlier is neither licit nor legible and may present your esteemed excellency with problems. Therefore, so as not to delay the most deceptive and defalcatorious transaction any further I attach my driver's licence.

I will confess to you that I am a very poor driver and have had my British licence revocated, thereby compelling me to obtain a licence in France, as I maintain a summer residence in Ste Phenix de Domestos which is 5 kms from the border between France and Montenegro. I do hope to invite you along with Mrs Suha Arafat and her daughter to spend a part of the summer with my wife Tzoah and I once this transaction is successfully and ludicrously completed.



Explanation of French:

1) There is no Republique de la France Libre (Republic of Free France).

2) The words below it mean "Permit to Drive on the Sidewalk". I'll have to confess that "permis a conduire" is a true error on my part; the correct translation of driver's licence is "permis de conduire". For that matter, it should be le trottoir; trottoir is masculine gender and not feminine. Oh, well.

3) Schmoigerman's eyes are yellow. He is also a very big guy at 191 cms (about 6 1/2 feet) tall and 149 kgs (328 pounds).

4) Schmoigerman wears glasses (lunettes); note picture of slender man without glasses; it is deceased Israeli singer Zohar Argov who hanged himself in jail and is therefore a Creedmoorer.

5) The date of birth (April 1, 1950) does not match that which Schmoigerman gave Dr Ahmed in his bank documents but Ahmed probably thinks that is the date of issue of the licence and there is nothing to indicate otherwise. Schmoigerman will explain that he miscalculated his civil birthday using the Zionist calendar as opposed to his Kedushas Klux Karta kalendar should the question arise.

6) Needless to say there is no border between France and Montenegro; Phenix is the brand of arak favored by French Jews and Domestos is a British household cleaner.

And needless to say, if this moron doesn't realize he has been had by now, he must have only one brain cell left.

If he responds again, Schmoigerman will ask to meet him in London or Paris............

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