Saturday, July 09, 2005

Al shloisha dvorim ha'oilam oimed...

The Creedmoorer darshans as follows:

Al shloisha dvorim ha'oilam oimed:

Al hatoira, al ha'avoida ve'al gemilus chasodim:

Toira: this is kanoius. We are the ONLY ones who have the correct derech - the derech of absolute fanaticism and pure, unadulterated sinos chinom!

Avoida: this is am'aratzus - only an am'ha'aretz is silly enough to work when he can live off of fraudulently obtained government assistance. While we do not work, we dedicate ourselves to being as lacking in knowledge in divrei toirah as those who do work are lacking in knowledge of how to siphon funds from the government, which brings us to:

Gemilus Chasodim: this means - getting the government to provide us with tzedoko funds. It is praiseworthy to receive at least three subsidy cheques per multiple personality, and I will say that whoever founds and maintains a fraudulent tax-exempt charity fund, and splits it 60-40 or better with me, the Menival ha-Doir, is called a pay tzaddik, a tzaddik who pays.

(This drosho was quite garbled according to those who were present; it was delivered after Dr Ramesh Patel forcibly removed the Admou"r from his D-ward beis medrash and took him to the main building for electroshock therapy and intravenous Haldol. This is necessary in order that the Admou"r can continue to bill Medicare three hundred and fifty times for various medical supplies - Patel receives a tsent'l for his assistance.)

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