Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fundraiser for Beit Midrash Sefaradi (Samach Mem) d'Creedmoor

Haham Rahamim Alav and Rabbanit Freha Prutza Loyashar invite all and sundry to:

Yossi Dreckey and Ois Simchos
Yossi Dreckey, the oldest son of our beloved supporter Jackie Dweck, is one of the greatest new voices in Jewish music. A talmid in our Beit Midrash Samach Mem (Sefaradi Majnoun), Yossi is noted for his ability to mimic JW singers of all persuasions as well as to inflict our traditions upon unwitting audiences. His CD "Dreckey 3" allowed his father to launder over 30,000 dollars in cash receipts from his clothing store in only five weeks!
Ois Simchos is the official Creedmoor wedding ensemble and will present a full program of Creedmoorer favourites including Skila, Sreyfo, Hereg veHenek Yavoi Olaynee and "Yavoi Hasatan me'Oimkei Gehennoim." We present this band for the benefit of any JW's who would like us to launder their ill-gotten gains through our concert.
The concert will be held on 31 Sivan (July 8 2005) at 11.30 PM in the Grand Padded Heichal of the Beit Midrash Samach Mem, Kiryat Creedmoor ha-Hadasha (Kiryas Naye Creedmoor al-pi tabaat ha-JW's), Creedmoor, Queens. Tickets are available at the door, and will be sold at the low, low price of 100 dollars per pound (12 ounces al pi minhag Kings Highway) of the body weight of each guest. As always, 300% of your donation is tax deductible as per the instructions of our Hahamim zechutam yagen aleihem.

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