Thursday, July 14, 2005

Further Addenda to the Latest Chyrem!

We hereby state that the recitation of ANY psukim or pirkei Tehillim which are sung by non-Kosher singers including:

Mordechai Ben Dovid
Avraham Fried (Fryed)
Ya'akov Shwekey (NOT to be confused with our Ne'im Zmirot Ishma'el Yossi Dreckey)
The Miami Boys Choir (NOT to be confused with our Nambla Boys Choir)
Isaac Honig
Shloime Daskal
Shimon Craimer
Lipa Schmeltzer (NOT to be confused with our hyliger Lipman Schmaltzherrink)
and many others not mentioned above

MAY NOT BE RECITED IN THE CREEDMOORER BEIS MEDRASH, OUTSIDE OF THE BEIS KISSE! It is stated in Avney Skilo 365.23 that once a pasuk has been used for tryfe purposes, it is tryfe and cannot be allowed into our Kedeishas Hakedeishois.

Since we do not wish to dedicate our valuable learning time to listening to such music in order to determine a list of psukim , we hereby proclaim the ENTIRE Sefer Tehillim OSSUR to the Creedmoorer kehilla.

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