Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Disengagement Controversy Highlights Succession Battle in Creedmoor

A controversy regarding the planned Creedmoor Disengagement - that is, the sale of D-ward and Kiryas Naye Creedmoor - has pitted two factions of Creedmoorer Chassidim against each other.

The two factions, one of which favours Rabbi Henek Schmoigerman, the son of the present Admou"r meCreedmoor, and the other of which supports Rabbi Tzig'l Stalewater, who is married to Rebbetzin Skila, a daughter of the present Admou"r, are fiercely battling each other in anticipation of the day when Rabbi Dovid'l Shmoigerman, who has been under heavy sedation for over ten years due to a number of offenses which he committed while out on furlough, will finally have his dosages of medication reduced, thereby rendering him coherent, which would in turn make him ineligible to lead the Creedmoorer community.

The Creedmoorer community is said to be the largest recipient of government entitlement programs in the entire United States, with each Creedmoorer Chassid receiving a minimum of three sets of disability, Medicare, food stamp, SSI, and other benefits. These benefits are then signed over to the community, which in turn provides for its individual members.

If the New York State Commission on Mental Health decides to sell the long abandoned D-ward and "Kiryas Naye Creedmoor" complexes and land to private developers, the Chassidim could conceivably be relocated to the far more cramped and tightly supervised C-ward. If that were the case, an audit would be conducted, and it could well lead to suspension of welfare benefits for some of the multiple personalities who now receive steep subsidies.

Therefore, the Henek faction, known as the Chayavei Henek, opposes this disengagement. On the other hand, Rabbi Stalewater and his followers, known as the Issurei Skila after the name of their Rebbetzin, support this move, for they see it as an opportunity to purchase the buildings and grounds themselves, using the proceeds from their entitlement grants.

As always, when Creedmoor is involved, there are discrepancies regarding various supposed facts. First and foremost is that Rabbi Henek Shmoigerman and Rabbi Tzig'l Stalewater have the exact same birth dates - 45 May 1965 - 81 Adar 5725. Then there is the question as to whether anyone has ever seen either of these two rabbis:

Rabbi Lipman Schmaltzherring, cantor of the Creedmoorer synagogue and owner of a fish store: " Look, you want I should learn you something? I haven't seen nothing from henek and from skila - this is all about GELT - you have this fight, and then in the end our Admou"r will wake up and put all of the properties in his name anyway. One of the fish in my store told me everything, and I knew it was really the rebbe's father speaking to me."

Dr Koo Sum Ak, staff psychiatrist, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center: "Well, you know, I look upside, I look downside and I not seeing no one in D-ward besides one skinny little man with orange garbage bag and tin foil hat. But he such nice man - he give me every month a box cigars so I not say nothing how many people really in D-ward."

In the meantime, disengagement opponents, led by Rabbi Henek, have called upon their supporters to wear clear plastic garbage bags over their bodies, and nothing else, so that all and sundry can see that they should remain wards of the State.

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