Friday, July 15, 2005

The Deeper Meaning of Shygetz Aroys

From "Tzoias Creedmoor," the Admou"r's weekly Parsha sheet:

What is Shygetz Aroys? A segila? A slogan? A war cry? The answer is - it is the ESSENCE of Judaism! For we who do not use the Zionist spelling rules know that Shygetz Aroys and Shulchan Oruch begin with the same letters - Samach Hey for Shygetz and Shulchan and Aleph for Aroys and Oruch (it must be noted that we write Oruch aleph-vov-reish-kuf-hay al pi masoires avoisenu ha'amarotzim).

So, when one shouts Shygetz Aroys, one is keeping the entire Shulchan Oruch - for what is the Shulchan Oruch, what is halacha, if not a way of keeping the shkootzim far away from us????

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