Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MehaDreckMart - the Creedmoorer Supermarket!

Be'ezras hashish yisborach, we announce the following specials for July 25, 2005 - July 35, 2005 at the one and only MehaDreck Mart, formerly Mehadrin Dreck Mart, under the strict supervision of the Creedmoorer Rabbinical Council © and the Arba Misos Beis Din d'Creedmoor:

All products are free of tumas tzioinis except as noted.

1) Styrofoam Peanuts a/k/a Creedmoorer Popcorn - made with certified Saudi petrochemicals - parve - 5 food stamps/pound.

2) Clorodrex Bleach - made specially for Creedmoor MehaDreck Mart by Farid Mohammed al-Ahabel and Sons Chemical Factory, Ramallah, Palestine may it be rebuilt speedily and in our days - kasher lemehadrin for kiddush and havdalah - 10 food stamps/gallon.

3) NEW! Nivul-B-Gon Soap Pops for Kids! Lime and raspberry flavours - prepared under personal supervision of the Admou"r in our padded kitchens! Kid using nivul peh? Give him a pop! Just 8 food stamps/box of 12.

4) No Dong Park Hintele Steaks - imported from North Korea and schechted by Creedmoorer shochtim! 15 food stamps/pound.

5) Goldfish and Vaseline Salad - "Hymie's Hymish Talking" brand - all Vaseline is made from Saudi petroleum in Khan Yunis and Tul Karem! All goldfish guaranteed to have shouted "Shygetz Aroys" before giving up their nefashos habehamiois. Just 4 food stamps/pound.

Delivery throughout Kiryas Naye Creedmoor, Avyroh Park Gardens, D-ward and Kew Gardens Hills. Call 1-888-MES-HIGE for delivery. Our store is located in the third abandoned building on the right, opposite the Naye Creedmoor Beis Medrash and Massage Parlor and next to Hymie's Hymish Talking Fish Market.

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