Sunday, July 17, 2005

Y'may Creedmoor - Creedmoorer Yomim Noroim - part 2

December 25th:

Yahrtzeit of Onan ben Yehuda.

As is well known, the Admou"r is a direct descendant of Onan ben Yehuda through Zera Levatala, who was the daughter of Onan and was conceived through non natural means. Therefore, this fictitious yahrtzeit is celebrated by Creedmoor on the birthday of yet another fictional character who was supposedly conceived through non natural means...

This holiday is celebrated through hotzaas zera levatala, which, like m. zochor, is a cardinal mitzvah of Creedmoorer Chassidus. Therefore, and because of the lack of supervisory personnel, D-ward is closed to the public on December 25th.

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