Sunday, July 31, 2005

MehaDreckMart - This Week's Specials

Prepare for the Feast of 9 Av, Rishus Tzmichas Golusaynee - with Mashke and New Clothing from MehaDreckMart!

Glen Creedmoor Rare Old Single Barrel Whisky - 10 Years Old - Distilled from Iraqi Crude Obtained Via the Oil for Food Programme - 98 Octane, Lead Free!! 99 food stamps/750 mls. NOTE: This is a limited edition of 100 bottles! Get yours fast!

Glen Creedmoor Der Admou"r's Blend - 7 Years Old - Distilled from a mixture of Iraqi, Saudi and Kuwaiti Crude - 95 Octane, Leaded. 35 food stamps/1 liter

Frozen Cat Fillets - Cleaned and Skinned Under Our Mehadrin Supervision - 8 food stamps/pound.

Men's Saran Wrap Tush Bekeshers - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo Super - all plastics made from Arab crude in Egyptian and Syrian factories - 50 food stamps.

Women's Tin Foil Yom Tov Dresses - LEYLOI CHASHASH TUMAS TZIOINIS! - imported from Afghanistan in Burqa Style - 30 food stamps - available in all sizes!

Men's Tin Foil Shtreimlach - made in Creedmoor with Egyptian tin foil from the Ahmed ibn al-Khinzeer factory, owned by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood - 25 food stamps!

All specials valid from 32 Tammuz - 10 Av.

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