Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Inner Meaning of Section 8 al'pi (tabaat) ha'Admour:

A quick drash that was just sent to me via SMS by the Admou"r:

What is the inner meaning of the Section 8 payments that are so important to us as Creedmoorer chassidim?

The number 8 has the gematriya of ches. Achaynee ha-Frenkim pronounce ches as chet. And what is Creedmoorer chassidus based on if not chet? Yiras chet - yira through chet! And what means section? Pilug? And what means pilug? Machloikes - another of the amidim of our Creedmoorer emino. By taking section 8 payments that are not coming to us, we fulfill our goal - chet - and we then bring about the great day which we so fear - yitamu chatoim min ho'aretz ve'reshoim ad einom! And now we go even further - i'beavid reshooooim rino - our great nigun - yes, by being reshoooooim and peygering, we will allow our survivors to ivdi es hashem besimche....

(At this point, staff psychiatrist Dr Chakaparkoon Pramkahnshanda, a former elephant veterinarian from Chiang Mai, Thailand, fired a tranquiliser dart toward the Admou"r's porcelain kisse hakavod, and our hyliger Admou"r passed out....)

Keep in mind that the Admou"r is under heavy sedation; this may help you understand his drashois.


jerusalemgypsy said...

I'm a female shaygetz. I'm writing this on shabbos. It's my day of rest and blog surfing is very restful and pleasurable. Brilliant stuff here -

Der Shygetz said...

:) a female shaygetz is called a shiksa!

I am actually chassidish myself - this is my way of dealing with the human imperfections that all too often surface in all communities including my own.