Friday, July 22, 2005

Dr. Acharoin Lechterschvantz - A Creedmoorer Dissident

While D-ward in Creedmoor has been abandoned since 1969 and is home only to unofficial patients such as the Admou"r meCreedmoor, C-ward was abandoned only in 1987 and is home to a patient who is in protective custody due to an incident in his prior home, D-ward.

Actually, the Gaon of C-ward, Dr. Acharoin Lechterschvantz, is a Zionist, albeit a leftist who some say is of more danger to Medinas Yisroel Rishis Tzmichas Golusaynee than a thousand Moshe Hirsches (the Admou"r is no danger to anything or anyone because he is maintained under heavy sedation). He is also quite the intellectual, and as such spends his considerable free time teaching all and sundry just how not to find a reason to accept the Torah on faith! In addition, his defence of leftist positions is much appreciated by his talmidim of the Peresite persuasion, who receive his scribblings every week via E-mail. Some of his dreckishe drashim are reproduced in the future journal of the palestinian state, presently known as Am ha-Aretz!

The Admou"r meCreedmoor is too obtuse to understand that Dr Lechterschvantz is actually his GREATEST ally, and therefore forced the good Doctor off of D-ward by hitting him over the head with a talking fish which shouted Shygetz Aroys!

In the good Doctor's defence, it must be pointed out that he does not receive anything other than the SSI to which he is entitled. However, what is not known is whether the Shabak or other parties in the Zionist entity finance his rather extensive library of English literature and secular philosophy, all reprinted on soft toilet paper as per Creedmoor regulations.

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